Our Lady of The Cedars of Lebanon Church


Our Lady of The Cedars of Lebanon Church

"According to the plan of God, marriage is the foundation of the wider community of the family, since the very institution of marriage and conjugal love is ordained to the procreation and education of children, in whom it finds its crowning." Saint John Paul II in Familiaris Consortio 14.

In order for married couples to be united in a free, total, faithful, fruitful and conjugal love open to life, they need:

- to understand the truth and the beauty of their sexuality and appreciate its goodness.

- to listen to the language of their bodies, and to the meaning God has put there and therefore understand the true meaning of sex.

- to embrace Natural Family Planning in their life.

To give every engaged couple such an opportunity, Bishop Gregory Mansour, Bishop of the Eparchy of Saint Maron, invites every couple to receive sufficient knowledge in Natural Family Planning instruction. Marise Frangie, the Director of the Office of Family and Sanctity of Life and a certified Creighton Model FertilityCare practitioner and educator along with her husband Deacon Peter Frangie will provide an online session of about 90 minutes. The goal of this presentation is to help couples develop an appreciation for Natural Family Planning. It will provide an overview of its methods, scientific basis, effectiveness, benefits and an introductory session to the Creighton Model System.

This session will be free of charge and couples will receive a certificate of attendance.

Couples are also encouraged to learn more about how to chart their cycles by signing up for follow up sessions and receiving a FertilityCare kit by mail (chart, stamps packet, user manual) for a charge of $30. The follow up session can be conducted online or in person. Marise Frangie the director of the Office conducts online sessions. If you need to find a local teacher in your area, you can check the FertilityCare website.